Forest Heights Yardages & Hole Descriptions
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HOLE 1: Great opening hole. Favour the left side of the fairway at the 100 yd mark to open up the green for your approach shot. Good birdie hole to start your round.
Hole 1 at the Forest Heights Golf Course is a great one to start your game on.

HOLE 2: You must carry the ball the full distance to the flag on this hole. The prevailing wind is usually toward you from the left. Difficult green to read. Par is a good score on this hole.

HOLE 3: A good tee shot will leave the player just short of the road. This brings the bunker on the left into play. Careful! There is water left and right of the fairway over the road. Your approach shot must carry water in front of the green. From a short tee shot, lay up to 90 yards to save par or bogey at worst.

HOLE 4: Time to let it rip. A good tee shot may still leave a mid to long iron in, depending on the wind. The tall pin allows you to see the green position but play 1 club short as it will run slightly downhill onto the green. Great Scottish style hole.

HOLE 5: A shot landing at the front left side of the green has a great chance of kicking on to the green. The rest rooms are located past the green on your right.

HOLE 6: Please listen for the bell before teeing off. A tee shot to the top of the hill between the tall tree on the left and the grove on the right is perfect. The second shot is the most important. Favour the left side of this hole to have a clear shot at the green and a chance at an Eagle. Three safe shots could get you a Birdie!

HOLE 7: Good straight away Par 5, reachable in two but beware of the water on the right side of the green. Lay up to the 100 yard mark to be safe. Please be careful not to hit into the group in front.

HOLE 8: A tee shot to the top of the hill will leave you 125 yards to the green. There is water on the left side of the green. Play for the middle of the green to be safe.

HOLE 9: Aim your tee shot at the rock and play to land it at the 100 yard marker at the corner. A high second shot landing the front part of the green could spell birdie!

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